Gaben hates me

I have been wanting to make a TF2 short ever since the game was announced. However, the TF2 face poser repeatedly crashes on startup. I have tried every possible solution known to man and it still refuses to work. From what I can tell, it may be related to having an old steam account that uses an email address for a login. I think the “@” might be breaking things.

Another huge problem with the SDK tools are the fact that they have forced updates. Sometimes these updates add bugs or make the tools not work at all.

What’s in the pipeline

I have been hard at work on my next short film, which will be another comedy. This will be shorter than Crossing Over, but will have many more effects. Of course I always put story first, so you need not worry about watching another mindless eye candy (like much of machinima today).

After the completion of this project I would like to begin work on a drama. The plot has already been defined, and I am currently writing the script.

The hardest part of making machinima is finding good voice actors. Hopefully with some more published work they will be easier to recruit.