A very overdue update

Hey, what’s going on?

It’s been a quite a while without an update. Here’s the short story:

About the time I last posted here, I embarked on obtaining a medical degree. I’m nearly done, so I’ve begun thinking about filmmaking and machinima once again. Lots has changed with all the game engines and their tools since I last used them, and I think one can now produce work without running into so many technical challenges.

I’ve checked out UE4 (on account of UDK no longer being supported).  While I’m sure it offers plenty of improvements for game development, it doesn’t seem to offer many benefits for machinima. On top of that, it takes a lot longer to start up on my computer (which is a pain in the butt if you do experimental tests that make it crash often).

I’ve changed the website back to WordPress. I didn’t like it many years ago due to all the spam, but I’m ready to give it a second chance.

I’ve done quite a number of small programming projects over the last few years. I’m still very much a beginner, but I like a medium that allows me to bring my ideas to life.

On that note, I also made a game…or more of a framework for a game (many features were never implemented). I learned a lot and made some cool tools along the way that could be applied to other projects in the future. For now it only exists as a portfolio piece. It was developed in Flash and everyone hates Flash these days, so maybe I’ll redo it in HTML5 at some point.

So what’s next? I’m tinkering with machinima stuff again and trying to catch up on all the new developments. We shall see where it goes from there.

3 thoughts on “A very overdue update”

  1. Hey, I still watch your old videos from time to time. They were among some of the highest quality machinima I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to whatever you’ve got in the works. Cheers man.

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