Big List of Useful Programs and Websites

People often ask what programs I use to create machinima. The answer to that depends on what you want to do, but here’s a big list of programs I use. I’ve included a number of download mirrors, but more current versions may be available on the main site.

Youtube Downloader HD
MysticThumbs [Download x86] [Download x64]
FastPictureViewer – Allows TGA thumnails.
AutoIt – Allows you to automate tedious processes. AutoIt commands.
Virtual Dub – A small program which is useful for converting video.

Model Exporting
Umodel [Download]
3D Ripper DX
GameAssassin [Download]
Xbox Backup Creator – Used to open and extract Xbox files. [Download]
wxRipper – Used to open and extract Xbox files. [Download]
Noesis [Download]
Dolphin Emulator [Download]

World of Warcraft
WoW Model Viewer [Download]
Machinima Studio
MPQ Editor
WoW Model Exporter [Download]
WoW Machinima Tool – A tool for adding visual effects within the WoW game client.

3DS Max Plugins and Scripts
SMD Importer [Download]
SMD Exporter [Download]
Starcraft 2 M3 Plugin [Download]
WoW M2 Import [Download]
Batch Preview Maker [Download]

XVI32 – A free hex editor. [Download]

Source Engine Tools
Crafty – A Valve map viewer and file browser, with export capabilities. [Download]
VTFEdit – A tool to view and convert Valve VTF files. [Download]
GCFScape – Allows you to browse and extract files from Valve packages (GCF, VPK, BSP, PAK). [Download]
MDLDecompiler – A tool to decompile valve MDL files into SMD format. [Download]
VTA Apply – Allows you to extract VTA animations from SMD model files. [Download]
GUIStudioMDL – Used to compile QC files. [Download]
Source SDK
MDLTextureInfo [Download]
BSPSource A map decompiler for Source games. [Download]
HLLib – Command line tool to extract content from Valve package files. [Download]
Propper – Propper allows you to compile VMF brush data as an SMD file.
VMEX – VMEX is a map decompiler for Source games.

Video Editing
Sony Vegas Pro – Easy to learn and powerful. The most popular choice for machinima makers.
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro – Works well with the other Adobe programs (After Effects, Photoshop).
Final Cut Pro – Very popular among indie film makers. Mac only.
Avid – Avid is the industry standard editor. Any Hollywood movie you’ve seen was likely edited on this.

Garry’s Mod Addons
Better Camera [Download]
Moving Camera [Download]
NPC Scene [Download]
TF2 Machinima NPCs [Download]

Useful Websites
Xentax – A game research forum. Contains lots of information about file formats and game data.
Voice Acting Alliance – A community dedicated to voice acting.
MachiniFeed – An RSS feed of machinima blogs and related sites.
Freesound – A huge collection of free sound effects.
Video Copilot – Video tutorials for Adobe After Effects.
8bitcollective – A collection of royalty free 8-bit music.
Video Copilot – The absolute best After Effects tutorials.

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  1. Hi i try to edit a map from the game skill sf2.I dont know which tutorial to use.I want to remove some objects from the map.
    I have umodel and HxD editor.
    Give me a help pls i am beginner.
    thank you

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