Disclaimer: These tutorials were written in 2011. Many of the methods used here may no longer be accurate, but I keeping the information available to hopefully steer people in the right direction.

While I wish to share the knowledge I have gained through lots of trial and error, I do not regularly write tutorials. If you feel anything here is not explained well enough feel free to send me an email. Note: Many of these 52 tutorials (and reference notes) require 3DS Max.

These are a work in progress. They started as notes I took while learning how to do things, and I am in the process of turning them into tutorials with pretty pictures. The possibilities for machinima are almost limitless, yet the knowledge to do so is often difficult to obtain. I have a preference for written tutorials over video tutorials for a few reasons: It allows people to follow at their own pace, it gives the author (me) an opportunity to revise things as needed, and it’s easier for non-english speakers to follow.

I’ve discovered faster ways to do things through the use of scripting, but I have left the manual explanation in some of these tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to do it the long way.

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