Disclaimer: These tutorials were written in 2011/2012. Many of the methods used here may no longer be accurate, but I keeping the information available to hopefully steer people in the right direction.

Converting a 3D Ripper DX Scene to Source

  1. Capture and import the scene into 3DS Max.
    – Some scenes will need to be scaled up before exporting, it depends on the game.
  2. Run “Clean Multimaterial“.
  3. Run the 3DS Max script batch_smd_export.ms to convert all the meshes to SMD files.
  4. Copy the toolbox folder to the directory.
  5. Export the Summary Info file in 3DS Max (File > Properties > Summary info. Press the “Save to File” button). Save to toolbox/summary_info.txt.
  6. Run convert_3dr_scene_to_source.bat
    – Make sure the Source SDK window is set to “Team Fortress 2”.
  7. Open output.vmf in Hammer.

Example #1
Example #2

2 thoughts on “Converting a 3D Ripper DX Scene to Source”

  1. Error with batch_smd_export, it says “- Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined” – And it points to line 10.. “WBSMDExport path false false 0 0 false false false false /** export **/”

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