Batch Converting WoW FBX Animations

  1. Export as an FBX file using WoW Model Viewer.
  2. Open FBX Converter and select the “FBX Take Manager” window.
  3. Drag the FBX file into the window, then use the “Create FBX files” button.

    – This process can take over an hour and will create very large directories.
  4. Run the script, this will convert the FBX files to MAX format and fix the keyframe problem.
    – Reset 3DS Max before running this script.
  5. Batch process the animations using ActorX. Use the “Process all animations” button.

Preparing the Base Character

  1. Import the FBX file into 3DS Max.
  2. Remove the TurboSmooth modifier.
  3. Export with ActorX.
  4. Import into the UDK.

Adding the Animation File

  1. Import the PSA file.
  2. Uncheck “Anim Rotation Only”

Adding Armor Sets
– Hair, eyelids, and armor sections may need to be set to invisible.

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