Converting WoW Models to UDK with WoW Model Viewer

Exporting M2 models using WoW Model Viewer
1) Export the models from WoW Model Viewer as OBJ files to a new directory.

2) Run the 3DS Max script to convert the models to ASE files and resize them.
– Make sure the OBJ import options have “Import as single mesh” selected.
– The objects are being resized so their thumbnails will show up properly in the UDK.
3) Copy the toolbox folder to the new directory.
4) Run convert_wmv_models_to_udk.bat.
Import the textures into the UDK. Save.
Import the models into the UDK. Save.
– Alpha materials will need to be set manually. [Pic]

Output Example #1

Problems and Fixes
1) The models are being exported into many sub directories.
– Go to Options > Export Options > Uncheck “Preserve Directory Structure”.

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