Disclaimer: These tutorials were written in 2011/2012. Many of the methods used here may no longer be accurate, but I keeping the information available to hopefully steer people in the right direction.

Converting WoW Models to UDK with WoW Model Viewer

Exporting M2 models using WoW Model Viewer
1) Export the models from WoW Model Viewer as OBJ files to a new directory.

2) Run the 3DS Max script obj_to_ase_rescale.ms to convert the models to ASE files and resize them.
– Make sure the OBJ import options have “Import as single mesh” selected.
– The objects are being resized so their thumbnails will show up properly in the UDK.
3) Copy the toolbox folder to the new directory.
4) Run convert_wmv_models_to_udk.bat.
Import the textures into the UDK. Save.
Import the models into the UDK. Save.
– Alpha materials will need to be set manually. [Pic]

Output Example #1

Problems and Fixes
1) The models are being exported into many sub directories.
– Go to Options > Export Options > Uncheck “Preserve Directory Structure”.

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