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Note: I would recommend you try using 3D Ripper DX before using GameAssassin. It can be difficult to work with and should be more of a last resort option for ripping models. 

GameAssassin is a tool for capturing 3D geometry. It has a similar functionality to 3D Ripper DX, although it is a lot more tricky to use. The program is made by a Chinese developer and not everything has been translated properly, so it may be a bit difficult to work with. Start by downloading the “Share” version of the program.
Note: I have only tested this program with a few games, so this tutorial is more of a guide.

The first thing you will want to do after opening the program is changing the language to English. Do this by pressing this highlighted button.

Use the dropdown to select English, then restart the program so the options are updated. You can set the save directory path in the same menu.

Press the load button. On the load panel, use the top button to select the game EXE. The second path will be filled in automatically. Leave the bottom option blank.

If everything worked the game should launch and you will see a blinking “GA” graphic in the top left corner.

Press Alt + F7 to capture.

You will need to install a 3DS Max plugin to import the model files. The 2011 import script does not work for me, my guess is it only works with 32 bit versions.
In the output directory there will be a file called AutoSave.lst. Import this into 3DS Max.

– The import options will ask you to set the FOV. This may take some experimenting to find the best setting. The default setting is 0.7.
– The imported models will be small and should be scaled up substantially. In this example, I’ve scale up by 20000%.
– The UV maps will likely be messed up (as is my experience) and will need to be manually fixed. [Pic]

Reference for this guide
List of other model rippers

GameAssassin 3DS Max 2011 Importer
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  1. Hey. Does this have animation ripping? Getting the bones out of the game? I heard that it does? Or is those rumours false it just rips only like 3d ripper dx.

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