Creating a Crowd in UDK

While the UDK has a built in crowd system (which you can find an example of in ExampleMap.udk), it is primarily to have character meshes run through waypoints. I like to create crowds of spectators, which requires a different technique.

Creating a crowd of spectators

  1. Place the actor in the level as a SkeletalMeshActorMat.
  2. Create an AnimTree for the actor, which includes a number of different animations that are randomly played.
  3. Open the SkeletalMeshActorMat properties and add the AnimTree.
  4. Create a new matinee sequence. Add the actor and set the Anim Sets just like you would for any other matinee scene.
  5. Create copies of the SkeletalMeshActorMat in the level. Select them all by right-clicking in the viewport and going to Select > Select Matching Skeletal Meshes.
  6. With the meshes still selected, open Kismet and right-click on the matinee connector for the actor and select “New Object Vars Using…”.

Your kismet will end up looking really complex, but it’s actually pretty simple (just a lot of variables). Make sure you have an input to activate the Matinee Sequence (I use Level Loaded).

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