VTA Apply

VTA Apply [Download] is a small program to extract VTA animations from SMD model files. It has some bugs, but it’s still useful for studying facial animations.

To run this program you will need a reference SMD, and a VTA file which can be obtained by decompiling a model.
– Only the newest version of MDLDecompiler (0.5) will export a VTA file when decompiling.

1) Run the program, you will be prompted to select the input SMD followed by the VTA.
2) You will be prompted to select a frame to export, the names for these frames can be found in the qc file from the model you decompiled.

3) Save the file. Import into 3DS Max. You will have to repeat this process for each frame you want to export.
– Some of the meshes will have a vertex count mismatch. You will need to add vertexes before you can use morphs.
– This will not work with L4D models.

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