Tutorials Coming (for real this time)

A long time ago I mentioned I was working on tutorials. I never gave up on them, I just wasn’t happy with how they were coming out.

You see I’m not an expert in making movies by any means. Often times I’ll know what I want to do, but not how to accomplish it. I’ve spend a lot of time learning and taking notes, then trying to turn those notes into tutorials both for my own sake, and for the benefit of anyone else who wants to learn from my experience. Most tutorials are aimed at animators or 3D artists, but my only interest is to make movies, so I like to take shortcuts wherever possible to cut down on the production time. I wouldn’t consider them finished, as I’m always changing and rewriting things as I learn new techniques, but hopefully they will still be of use to someone.

I’ll be releasing what I have very soon, and hopefully other people will join me in the pursuit of furthering this medium.

In other news, I attended Blizzcon this year where I got to see a lot of old friends, and meet some new ones. I had a really great time and will definitely be going next year!

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