Converting a 3D Ripper DX Scene to UDK

  1. Capture and import the scene into 3DS Max.
    1. Some scenes will need to be scaled up before exporting, it depends on the game.
  2. Run “Clean Multimaterial“.
  3. Run the 3DS Max script to clear any extra UV channels.
  4. Run the 3DS Max script to export all the meshes in ASE format to a new directory.
  5. Export the Summary Info file in 3DS Max (File > Properties > Summary info. Press the “Save to File” button). Save as summary_info.txt to the new directory.
  6. Copy the toolbox folder to the new directory.
  7. Run convert_3dr_to_udk.bat.
  8. Import the textures into UDK.
  9. Save the package.
  10. Import the ASE files into UDK.
  11. Save the package.
  12. Import t3doutput.t3d into UDK.

Example Output #1

This tutorial has been updated 2/29/16.